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be my valentine

i consider this as a valentine gift.

TIMO TOLKKI - Saana - Warrior Of Light Part 1 Trailer To Premiere Online February 15th

Posted on Wednesday, January 23, 2008 at 03:34:11 EST 
According to STRATOVARIUS guitarist Timo Tolkki, a trailer for his upcoming metal opera Saana - Warrior Of Light Part 1 is due to premier on February 15th on the project's official website. Watch this page and this location for updates. 

could someone tell me why i always tend to write in english whenever i make a post on LJ? 
i have the same problem whenever i get emo i tend to write my blog or talk to ppl in english.
so second language is for self defence...?

btw, regarding the last post, Heath's death apparently cleared one of my old questions. it's the first line in Elliott's "distored reality as a neccessity to be free":
i float on a black ballon,
O.D. on Easter afternoon

i never get the word "O.D." until i saw in sweetaddy someone said "Heath Ledger OD'd yesterday".
i listened to that song again, in memory of Elliott, and now of Heath.
then i listened to Theatre of Tragedy too. their songs are somehow slower and quiter than i remembered. the dark and tranquil feeling of a sweetened-death. nice BGM while working.
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